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Renew Your Hunting and Fishing Licenses in Lawton

If you need to get your hunting license or fishing license, it’s a good idea to do it sooner rather than later. Whether you are a resident or nonresident, delaying your application can complicate the process and delay the availability of your license. Motor Vehicle Tag Agency specializes in licensure for customers in the greater Lawton area. Licenses for residents are different from those offered to nonresidents. Resident licenses include the following stipulations:
  • License is issued to anybody who is an established resident for no fewer than 60 days
  • Burden of proof for establishing residency is on the license applicant
  • Residency can be established by furnishing a state driver’s license
Stipulations for a nonresident license, on the other hand, are as follows:
  • A nonresident is a person who maintains residency in another state
  • A nonresident may also be a person who has resided in Oklahoma for fewer than 60 days
We can help you determine your residency status and apply for the correct license. You can count on us to provide the services and assistance needed to become licensed and enjoy the beautiful outdoors, hunting and fishing the state of Oklahoma offers.
Reliable and Friendly Service
When hunting and fishing season begins, everybody will be rushing to get their license renewed. You can beat the rush and get ready to go by getting yours from Motor Vehicle Tag Agency. We offer hunting license assistance and issuance to clients in the greater Lawton area. We are happy to help you with frequently asked questions about title transfer, registration and licenses. Clients throughout the state of Oklahoma trust us for reliable and efficient service. Call us at 580-248-4565 for more information.