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Veteran License Designation: What You Need to Know

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Oklahoma, like all states, honors the brave men and women who served in the nation's armed forces. As a way to recognize former service members, new laws have come into place to enable veterans to easily identify themselves using their driver's license.
If you have heard about the veteran's logo, you might be wondering what this is about. Here is a quick guide to help you understand the veteran license designation.
Basics of Veteran License Designation
The veteran license designation is a relatively new opportunity that allows you, as a former service member with an honorable discharge, to obtain a logo on your driver's license that identifies you as a veteran.
The logo comprises of a thumbnail of the US flag and the word 'Veteran' typically printed at the top of your driver's license. This provides a quick, fuss-free, and verifiable means of identifying your veteran status. 
Benefits of Veteran License Designation
In the past, many veterans had no convenient way to identify themselves. While federal ID cards and cards issued by the Veteran's Administration (VA) are available, not every veteran qualifies for these cards.
For the longest time, the majority of veterans have had to tag around with the DD214 document to prove they served and were discharged honorably. However, the DD214 does not contain a photo ID and some places will not recognize this as an acceptable form of identification.
Additionally, the DD214 contains confidential private information. Exposing such sensitive information, especially to criminals, can have adverse consequences.
With the veteran designation, all you need is your driver's license to identify yourself when dealing with agencies such as the VA, Social Security, Medicare, and others providing benefits and compensation.
You can also easily identify yourself to private vendors and merchants who offer discounts on their products and services to veterans.
Requirements for Veteran License Designation
To obtain the veteran designation on your driver's license, you will need to provide the appropriate identification documents.
In Oklahoma, you will need to present:
  • A DD214 form, a DD215 World War II discharge form, or a NavPers form to prove your honorable discharge
  • A valid Uniformed Services ID card
  • A US Uniformed Services DD Form 2 for retired or reserve-retired service members
  • An Army or Air National Guard NGB Form 22
  • A VA photo ID card
You may also need to bring additional documents if you are renewing or applying for a driver's license. 
The state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is in charge of providing the veteran license designation. The process may take several days or weeks, depending on the number of applications the department is handling.
Assistance for Applying For Veteran License Designation
Compiling the documents, making the application, and heading over to the DMV office can be quite a task. Fortunately, you can have a licensing agency handle all the paperwork on your behalf.
A reputable agency will ensure that you compile only the necessary documents you need for the veteran license designation. If you are coming up on your renewal date, the agency will help you renew your driver's license and make the necessary application so your new license will come with the veteran designation.
Additionally, applying for veteran designation via an agency eliminates the need to wait in line, which can be quite challenging if you have a day job, are ill or have a disability. 
Applying for the veteran logo is not mandatory. However, with this designation, you will certainly breathe a sigh of relief when all you need to show is your driver's license to receive the benefits you deserve.
At Motor Vehicle Tag Agency, we take the fuss out of applying for your veteran designation. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.