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5 Steps to Efficiently Sell Your Vehicle

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If you need to sell a vehicle, you want to sell your car, boat, or off-road vehicle quickly and easily. While you can't control the complete process of buying and selling, you can do some legwork to make it work as smoothly as possible. 
Here are five steps to achieving that goal with as little stress and time as possible. 
1. Release the Lien
If you owe (or owed) anyone money for the vehicle, you will need to secure a release of this lien before selling the vehicle. If you have already paid off the car, truck, or boat, be sure you received a lien-free title from the creditor or the paperwork to get a clear title yourself.
If you can't clear the title, be aware that liens will flow to the next registration. Have this step covered early in the process so you can get new documents in hand before the sale. 
2. Prepare a Bill of Sale
Oklahoma, like many states, provides for a simple transfer of ownership through the use of a bill of sale. You can find bill of sale templates online. The bill of sale shows the sale price and what terms both parties agree to.
You will likely find a template that has empty spaces you fill in at the sale. Prepare one with the specifics of your car (although you may not yet know the sale price) and print at least two copies. You should keep one copy and provide the other to the buyer. 
3. Detail the Car
Take some time to shine up your vehicle, particularly if you use it for daily transportation or for jaunts in the wilderness. If the vehicle is worth enough value, it befits you to have it professionally detailed, which may include extras like tire and engine cleanup as well as the best wax and shine.
If you don't opt for a professional job, do your best to give everything a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Vacuum and shampoo the fabrics. Clean inside the engine compartment and use wax to shine the exterior. Make any minor repairs possible within your budget, such as replacing light bulbs and filling fluids. A car that appears well-maintained will gain the confidence of buyers. 
4. Be a Cautious Seller
The era of online advertising and sales is a boon to most used vehicle sales. However, the internet can lead to scams and some added risk. Vet potential buyers through email or phone calls before meeting in person. Also, be sure to meet in a public place with other people you choose. 
Go with buyers who wish to take a test drive and check with your insurance agent about the risks of letting anyone under 18 drive the vehicle. Finally, never release the keys before full payment is secured and you're sure of the transaction. 
5. Have the Title Transferred 
Most vehicle owners don't have extensive experience in transferring ownership. For this reason, you should work with a professional title transfer service. These services are familiar with the requirements of Oklahoma about what paperwork is required to transfer the ownership and how to go about getting it right the first time.
You also avoid standing in line at the Motor Vehicle Division or trusting the other party to do their part. This minor investment is particularly valuable if you have limited time in your busy schedule.  
By following these five steps, you will have a better, faster, and more enjoyable vehicle sale no matter what you're selling. These steps will help you move forward instead of being stuck in a quagmire of unfinished business. Start today by contacting Motor Vehicle Tag Agency in Lawton to learn more.