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Transferring the Title of an Inherited Vehicle: What to Expect


When you inherit a vehicle from a deceased relative, you may want to transfer ownership of the vehicle to another party, such as a family member, for any number of reasons. In Oklahoma, the process of transferring the title of an inherited vehicle will depend on whether or not the deceased left a will. This process can be complex, but a reputable tag agency can expedite the transfer for you.

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A Guide To Registrations For New Oklahoma Residents


When moving to Oklahoma, you will have to take care of several items of business once you're in the state. If you're planning a move to Oklahoma sometime soon, here's a guide to the legal technicalities you'll have to take care of after your move.

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How to Register Your Boat in Lawton


Lawton, Oklahoma, requires that all boats in an operational condition that ply on its waters be registered, with a few exceptions. Learn more in this guide.

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